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On the fourth line of the ‘masthead’ is a tab, ‘Key posts’. We’ve put a selection of blog pieces there, from the launch of the party (February 2013) to more recent times, and will keep it updated as we go forward. As of today’s date, it consists of the following pieces, in alphabetical order:

6 dangerous rape myths (Hannah Wallen).

10 reasons false rape allegations are common (Jonathan Taylor).

13 reasons women lie about being raped (Janet Bloomfield).

27 pence per day – the cost of enabling J4MB to make a breakthrough at the 2020 general election.

A call to academics and students.

‘A Voice for Men’ – our articles.

Alternative Sexism Project.

Angry Harry interviews Janet Bloomfield. You have to catch this. Seriously, you do.

Angry Harry interviews Mike Buchanan.


BBC anti-male ‘debate’ on sexism… Laura Bates lies AGAIN!!!.

BBC anti-male Newsnight piece on domestic violence breached 50+ editorial guidelines.

BBC anti-male manipulation of pre-election broadcasts – Mike Buchanan and other Ashfield candidates are asked questions about women’s issues by an all-women audience.

‘Big Red’ makes a compelling case for feminism.

Bill Burr: ‘There is NO reason to hit a woman!’.

Caroline Criado-Perez wins her third ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ award, for her lie during a discussion with Mike Buchanan on ITV ‘This Morning’.

David Cameron – sexist, racist, ageist.

David Cameron wins his fourth successive ‘Toady of the Year’ award.

Domestic violence – 1 in 4 women admit to violence in relationships.

Domestic violence – double standards.

Domestic violence – more men than women die as a result of it.

Domestic violence – Refuge: our challenge of Sandra Horley, Chief Executive. No response.

Domestic violence – the anti-male bias of politicians and public bodies which lead to a lack of support for male victims of domestic violence.

Domestic violence – women are as physically aggressive towards opposite-sex intimate partners as men, or more physically aggressive.

Domestic violence – Women’s Aid: our public challenge of Polly Neate, CEO, to retract seven lies and misleading statements. She refused to do so.

Domestic violence – worldwide.

Don’t be that lying feminist (Karen Straughan, GirlWritesWhat).

Female postgraduate engineering students entitled to taxpayer-funded sponsorships worth £22,750 on the basis of gender alone.

Female sex offenders.

Feminist – ‘Abolish the white race. Abolish men.’.

Feminist make-up tutorial.

Feminists – sometimes, for the sake of your sanity, you have to laugh at them.

Feminists – this is what they look like.

FTSE350 shares – do you own any? If so, you should sell them NOW..


Honey Badgers – the video.

Increasing female representation on boards leads to corporate financial decline – the evidence.

‘International Business Times’ – our articles.

Jim Jefferies talks about relationships.

Julia Hartley-Brewer interviews Mike Buchanan.

Julie Bindel apologises to Mike Buchanan.

Laura Bates (‘Special Snowflake’) – Lying Feminist of the Month (twice), Whiny Feminist of the Month (twice).

Lying Feminists of the Month – Gloria De Piero MP (twice), Laura Bates (twice), Caroline Criado-Perez (thrice), Kat Banyard, a Women’s Aid spokeswoman….

Mallory Millett: ‘Marxist Feminism’s Ruined Lives’

Men’s Rights versus Feminism explained using magnets (Alison Tieman).

Our public challenges of feminists and their male collaborators.

Paul Elam interviews Janet Bloomfield.

Paul Elam interviews Mike Buchanan.

Recommended blogs and other websites.

Recommended books.

‘The Fraud of Feminism’ (book, 1913).

Were women historically oppressed? Are they now, in developing countries? (Karen Straughan, GirlWritesWhat).

Why are women above the law?

Why most people at the top of major companies are men – Dr Catherine Hakim’s Preference Theory (2000).

William Collins – a ‘must read’ blogger.

Women Against Feminism: ‘I don’t need feminism because…’.

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