You can write to J4MB at the following address:

Justice for men & boys

Kemp House

152 City Road

London EC1V 2NX

Mike Buchanan invites you to email him or call him (07967 026163).

  • Mike, check out the local paper for Greenville, NC, crime section. 14 men and 3 women responded to an internet prostitution police sting. All the men had their names published and were arrested. The women were offered “help”. I kid you not. Just feeding you some news. Keep up the good work.

  • Mike, are you aware of this?

    Please can I have some support in helping to challenge and expose these liars. I have already posted a few comments of my own:

    Here is the MAIN site.

    This could very well be one of the most DESTRUCTIVE campaigns of sexism (against men), bigotry and misinformation that I have seen this year. What is particularly frightening is that it is being backed by some of the most powerful women in the world – many of which are on FORBES’s list of powerful people.