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‘Will you help me, please?’ Bedridden great-grandmother, 98, cried out 321 times in an hour – but her carers ignored her, reveals shocking secret film taken inside homes

A forthcoming Panorama documentary is going to be about abuse of the elderly in care homes. In the Mail Online report with video footage of ‘care’ workers abusing the elderly (link below) all the workers appear to be women. We’ll … Continue reading

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On feminism’s infantilisation of women

A terrific piece posted today by AVfM: I must forward a link to Laura Bates, Caroline Criado-Perez…

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Will someone change Laura Bates’s diaper?

Yesterday I posted a piece linking to Laura Bates’s recently-published book, Everyday Sexism. I posted some comments on Amazon, and later one ‘D.F. Dodds’ posted his (or her?) own comments, with the title, ‘Will someone change Laura Bates’s diaper?’ Western … Continue reading

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Victor Zen uses a power drill to…

We’re big fans of a 23-year-old American MHRA, Victor Zen. This is his new video, not a short one (23:59) but well worth watching from beginning to end. It’s mainly a critique of a talk given by a feminist at a TEDx … Continue reading

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42-year-old teacher gave 15-year-old pupil lap dance on birthday because ‘class convinced her to do it’

Our thanks to VisionGhost for this story from Texas.  

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Laura Bates’s book has been published. Yippee.

Someone told me the other day that Laura Bates had compiled a collection of whines in a book (paperback and Kindle editions) with the inevitable title, Everyday Sexism: Published by a major commercial publisher, the book is the #1 … Continue reading

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University of Wisconsin to host first feminist biology post-doctoral programme in the US

Our thanks to James for this utter gem: Presumably the university will follow the feminist tradition of replacing ‘seminars’ with ‘ovulars’…  

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Unbe-leaf-able! Man grows world’s largest cauliflower which is SIX FOOT wide and weighs 20 times more than normal

Sometimes you can’t help but be proud to be a man. It’s almost always men who manage such great achievements:  

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‘What do you have to do to get sent to prison?’ Fury as female carer caught on CCTV stealing from frail pensioner who later died of the stress walks free from court

We really shouldn’t be surprised at the relentless stream of stories like this. Once again a woman walks free after being convicted of carrying out a cynical crime.

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Man tips waitress $1,000 on an $80 cheque after hearing that she couldn’t pay vet bill to help her beloved dog who swallowed a ball

A heart-warming story from the US. Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the story is that the man wishes to remain anonymous.

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