Laura Bates (‘Special Snowflake’) – Lying Feminist of the Month (twice), Whiny Feminist of the Month (twice)

[Note added 31.10.14: The reasons Laura Bates has won the ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ award for a second time are outlined on her award certificate.]

[Note added 27.9.14: The proof that Laura Bates’s repeated claims about the number of British women being killed by partners and ex-partners are lies is here.]

[Note added 30.12.14: Laura Bates has won a second ‘Whiny Feminist of the Month’ award – here.]

A Voice for Men is the most-visited and most influential men’s human rights advocacy website in the world, and our piece on The Whine Club was published by them. We’ve been delighted by the number and quality of comments the piece has attracted.

We invited nominations for our coveted ‘Whiny Feminist of the Month’ awards and we’ve been inundated with suggestions, as you’d expect. More than a few people have suggested we present ‘Whiny Feminist of the Week’ awards instead.

The inaugural winner of the Whiny Feminist of the Month award, which leads to automatic membership of The Whine Club, was – quelle surprise – Laura Bates of the ‘Everyday Sexism Project’. We refer to it as The Everyday Whining Project. Her award certificate is here. Subsequent winners of the award are here.

In a TEDx presentation in December 2013 Laura Bates lied about the number of women being killed by partners or ex-partners. We publicly challenged her to retract the lie, and she declined to do so. We presented her with our Lying Feminist of the Month award.

In the course of a BBC TV debate broadcast live in September 2014, on the topic ‘Is Britain a sexist country?’, in which Bates was a panel member, a member of the audience raised the question of our public challenge concerning her lie in her TEDx presentation. Far from retracting her lie, she brazenly repeated it.

Laura Bates, in common with all high-profile feminists, is utterly shameless.

Some of Laura Bates’s supporters have defended her decision not to retract the lie, even after they’ve been made aware of the government reports which prove her to be a liar – we even went to the trouble of emailing Laura Bates with links to those reports. We’ve presented those supporters with a ‘Gormless Feminists of the Month’ award – here.

Other ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ award winners include Caroline Criado-Perez (twice), Kat Banyard, Gloria De Piero MP, and Franki Hackett, a Women’s Aid spokeswoman. Polly Neate, CEO of Women’s Aid, declined to retract seven lies and/or misleading statements made by Ms Hackett.

We’ve publicly challenged many feminists (and their male collaborators) to retract their lies. Not one has ever done so. Details of those challenges are here.

Why are the mainstream media failing to hold lying feminists (and their male collaborators) to account?

2 thoughts on “Laura Bates (‘Special Snowflake’) – Lying Feminist of the Month (twice), Whiny Feminist of the Month (twice)

  1. Reasoned argument, science and evidence are oppressive and patriarchal; feminist scholarship is based on emotion and feeling. It is irrelevant how much evidence you produce to prove a feminist wrong, if she feels that something is true then it is. Read any feminist academic and their work will be full of personal testimony from a few ‘victims’ but alarmingly empty of any real evidence, statistics and facts. Consider the Commons debate last year on how the family courts deal with violence; the motion was brought by Angela Smith who brought into the chamber Claire Throssell, whose children had been killed by their father. That one case, very present and real to the members, was far more powerful than any amount of facts and figures, regardless of how extreme and unrepresentative it was, and the feminised minds of the MPs there succumbed immediately. Any MP who had stood up and told the truth about DV (none did) would have been shouted down or lynched, and accused of contempt for Throssell’s loss. This is how feminists win the argument.

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