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Boris Johnson won’t enter Conservative Party leadership race, two anti-male politicians are front runners

Boris Johnson MP is one of very few politicians to have stood up to feminists, having fired a number of feminist parasites in City Hall following his election as Mayor of London. In the past hour he has announced his … Continue reading

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Jack Dee explains why there aren’t more female panellists on QI

Our thanks to Stuart for this (video, 1:58). Sorry, you’re going to have to suffer some Sandi Toxicity before Jack Dee nails it with one sentence.

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Amy Barnes, 19, drunk single mother, and her drunk friend Scarlett Kinsella, 20, battered mother desperately searching for missing son

Our thanks to Bryn for this. Excerpts: Terrified Elizabeth Hind was dragged into the road where she was almost hit by a car before being kicked and punched and dragged around by her hair. A boozed-up single mother and her savage … Continue reading

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Routine Circumcision – A Needless Harm

A concise paper (9pp) by Leland Wright, a professor based in Luxembourg. She ends with this: The potential consequences for a child’s later sexual life, the extreme pain of the operation that has to be endured by the newborn, and perhaps … Continue reading

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Ex-model Christina Estrada breaks down in court as she defends £200m divorce claim, saying ‘this is what I am accustomed to’

Our thanks to a supporter for this. Extracts: Christina Estrada is such a devotee of the opera she needs part of the £200 million she is suing her husband for to attend performances. Unfortunately Ms Estrada’s grasp of the operatic … Continue reading

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William Collins: Post-Traumatic Referendum Disorder


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Terry Brennan: US and UK family courts cause heartbreak to separated fathers

Our thanks to K for this. Terry Brennan is an American lady, a co-founder of Leading Women for Shared Parenting.

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Janet Bloomfield: Why did the young vote #remain? They miss Daddy. #BrexitVote.

An impressive article by Janet Bloomfield (JudgyBitch). Her talk at the London conference is titled, ‘How Feminism Infantilizes Women’.

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Only 9 conference tickets left

With just 11 days left until the conference, only 9 of the 200 tickets remain available. We won’t be selling tickets at the event, and there’s nothing we can do to increase the maximum attendance. If you wish to attend, … Continue reading

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The Brexit blockers: Bitter losers from all parties gang up to plot to stop Britain’s exit from the EU – which was voted for by 17 million people

Scandalous. Predictable.

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