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John Kimble: Gems I found on Facebook regarding your campaigning outside Nottingham University

My thanks to John Kimble for sending me links to some materials relating to our campaigning outside Nottingham University yesterday, at the end of which someone hurled some heavily soiled cat litter over one of our vehicles. With his agreement, the … Continue reading

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Please make a donation towards the J4MB 2015 general election campaign

The people driving J4MB are working even harder as we approach the 7 May general election, than we have since the party’s launch in February 2013. I’m now based full-time in one of the three marginal seats near Nottingham which we’ll be … Continue reading

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BBC TV – ‘The Big Questions’ – St David’s Day edition

I’ve just arrived in my comfortable room at a nice hotel in Cardiff. It’s being paid for by the BBC, as I’ll be appearing on the BBC1 programme The Big Questions tomorrow morning, 10:00 – 11:00. I can’t divulge the … Continue reading

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The cat litter incident

I was campaigning along with Ray Barry and Josh Stone (18) outside Nottingham University for four hours this afternoon, engaging with students and other passers-by, and we were filmed for a documentary for a major broadcasting network. Both put in … Continue reading

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Proof – as if it were needed – that feminists are humourless

Our thanks to Claire for pointing us towards this gem. A feminist genius thinks I genuinely believe fat women photosynthesize. Enjoy.

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Peter Lloyd, we salute you

Only two journalists have ever won a ‘Winston’ award. One was Quentin Letts, a talented columnist, and author of a number of celebrated books. The other was Peter Lloyd, a journalist with Mail Online. His recently-published book Stand By Your Manhood received … Continue reading

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Kangaroo courts on campus: ‘martial law against men’

Our thanks to P for this.

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A homeless man

Around 90% of ‘street homeless’ people are men. It’s a scandal that in one of the richest countries on the planet, street homelessness exists. The average age of death of a homeless person is 43, compared with a life expectancy … Continue reading

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Ex-wife told to get a job

Our thanks to J for this. He writes: Mike, is the tide turning? This judge deserves a knighthood, at least, for telling this women to get off her arse and earn a living rather than ponce off her ex-husband.

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Belinda Brown: Sorry, Rachel, but taking a Cabinet seat then going on maternity leave is anything but feminist.

Another interesting piece from Belinda Brown. I think we can safely assume the silly headline wasn’t her idea.

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