Campaign for Merit in Business

Mike Buchanan launched the Campaign for Merit in Business – C4MB – in 2012, the year before he launched J4MB as a political party (it ceased to be one at the end of March 2023). C4MB was at the time of its launch, and remains to this day, the only campaign in the English-speaking world challenging initiatives to increase the proportion of women on corporate boards.

By the time of the launch of C4MB in 2012, there were already numerous longitudinal studies demontrating a causal link between increasing gender diversity on boards, and corporate financial decline. The evidence is here (scroll down).

Mike presented oral evidence to the House of Commons “Women in the Workplace” inquiry in November 2012, along with Steve Moxon, the author of The Woman Racket (2008), and Dr Catherine Hakim, the world-renowned sociologist whose paper on Preference Theory (2000) revealed that while four in seven British men are work-centred, only one in seven British women is. THAT is the single most important explanation – not nebulous “barriers” – for why fewer women than men make it to the top of companies and other major organizations (at least on the basis of merit, with a level playing field). The video of the House of Commons inquiry evidence session is here (56:50).


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