Domestic violence

A tip of the hat to the American organisation Domestic Abuse and Violence International Alliance (DAVIA), a coalition of which we’re a member, for launching the #MenToo campaign today. Their press release is here:

There are few areas where feminist propaganda and lies have so clearly been in evidence for decades, as domestic violence. In 1971 Erin Pizzey – herself a victim of domestic violence – opened the doors to the first refuge in the world for battered women and their children, in Chiswick, London. Not long afterwards she started to reveal publicly what had become apparent to her, that most of the women were as violent as (or more violent than) their partners.

50+ years on, the media continue to promulgate the big myth about domestic violence – that the overwhelming majority of the victims are women, and the overwhelming majority of perpetrators are men. The myth is promulgated by highly profitable organizations in the domestic violence industry, which corrupt government.

Government policies and support for feminist organizations in the domestic violence industry have for decades been based on the big myth. Decade after decade, the government refuses to engage with researchers who could tell them the truths about domestic violence. The mainstream media refuse to hold the feminist liars in the domestic violence industry, and the government, to account. We covered the issue of domestic violence in our manifesto.

Anybody wanting an overview of the issues should order a copy of William Collins’s The Empathy Gap: Male Disadvantages and the Mechanisms of Their Neglect published by LPS publishing (2019) – pp.253-79. The lengthy book is a tour de force.

The Partner Abuse State of Knowledge Project (PASK) was published in May 2013 in the journal Partner Abuse and is the most comprehensive review of domestic violence research ever carried out. This unparallelled three-year research project was conducted by 42 scholars at 20 universities and research centres. The headline finding of the PASK review was that:

Men and women perpetrate physical and non-physical forms of abuse at comparable rates, most domestic violence is mutual, women are as controlling as men, domestic violence by men and women is correlated with essentially the same risk factors, and male and female perpetrators are motivated for similar reasons.

A key numerical result from the PASK review was:

Among large population samples, 57.9% of intimate-partner violence (IPV) reported was bi-directional, 42.1% unidirectional, 13.8% of the unidirectional violence was male-to-female, 28.3% was female-to-male.

The last point is worth emphasising. In the 42.1% of (heterosexual) couples in which one partner is always the perpetrator and the other the victim, the woman is TWICE as likely to be the perpetrator and (therefore) half as likely to be the victim.

In June 2020 we hosted the (online) first National Conference on Men’s Issues, Domestic Abuse is a Men’s Issue, Too. The keynote speaker was Professor Nicola Graham-Kevan.

There are many researchers in the area of domestic abuse who could tell the government what is known about the subject, but successive governments have chosen instead to be guided by (and to fund handsomely) feminist organizations with zero interest in female perpetrators and male victims. Those who are ignored include not only men but lesbians, a group with a higher incidence of domestic violence than heterosexual couples. A woman is more likely to suffer at the hands of a female partner than a male partner.

The J4MB YouTube channel has a playlist with 90+ video and audio files relating to domestic abuse. Finally, we turn to the media. For 50+ years the global mainstream media has promulgated feminist propaganda and lies about domestic violence. In the spring of 2021 we approached The Spectator with a view to funding a full-page advert relating some long-established truths about domestic violence, and pointing to many other issues affecting men and boys.

The paper’s (female) managing editor refused to run the advert, and refused to respond to a three-page-long document from Mike Buchanan on the matter. The document included details of feminist lies and propaganda and noted the 50+ articles by Julie Bindle, a vile lesbian radical feminist, and articles by two other feminists, Sarah Ditum and Isabel Hardman, assistant editor. Details on the matter along with the proposed advert content here.

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