About J4MB / manifesto

J4MB has been committed to raising public understanding of the following since it was launched as a political party in 2013:

  • issues impacting negatively on the lives of men and boys
  • the toxic ideology of feminism, which relentlessly seeks the further privileging of women and girls, regardless of the consequences

The other side of the coin to female privilege is, inevitably, male disadvantage. We strongly recommend two books by William Collins, the man behind the impressive website The Illustrated Empathy Gap. The first is The Empathy Gap: Male disadvantages and the mechanisms of their neglect (2019). The ebook edition is currently (April 2023) selling on Amazon for just £4.32. The second is The Destructivists: How moral usurpation is being used to control us and change every aspect of life without our consent (2022).

From the beginning, and until its de-registration as a party in April 2023, J4MB was the only party in the English-speaking world which (a) campaigned for the human rights of men and boys, and (b) challenged feminism as an ideology, and feminists as individuals. J4MB is no longer a party, but its mission remains unchanged. 

Mike Buchanan has led J4MB from the beginning to the present day, apart from a 10-month period in 2020/21 when it was led by Elizabeth Hobson.

Mike spoke at the first International Conference on Men’s Issues (ICMI), hosted by Paul Elam of A Voice for Men near Detroit in 2014. There have since been six more ICMIs, Mike hosted four of them (2016/18/20/21) – details of all the conferences here. He will host an ICMI in Budapest, Hungary, in August, 2024.

The final edition of the party’s election manifesto should serve as a good introduction to the issues adversely impact on men and boys, and related proposals from J4MB:

The manifesto covered 20 areas where the human rights of men and boys are assaulted by the state’s actions and inactions, almost always to privilege women and girls. The human rights of girls too – including the unborn – are assaulted in a number of areas, in bold text:

Marriage, divorce

Children’s access to parents following family breakdowns, fatherlessness

Reproductive rights (including abortion)

Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

Circumcision (Male Genital Mutilation)

Children’s brain damage from contact sports



Intimate partner violence

Paternity fraud

Sexual abuse

Armed Forces veterans’ mental health issues

Criminal justice system, prison sentencing



Lack of anonymity for suspected sexual offenders

Healthcare provision

Political representation

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If everyone who reads this gives us £5.00 – or even better, £5.00 or more, monthly – we could change the world. You can support our work by making a donation (link below) to Mike Buchanan’s company, MRA International Ltd. Thank you.

If you’d like to support Mike Buchanan personally, you can do so via his Patreon account or through Bitcoin, his account address is 1EfWxqDAtgJDCR3tVpvVj4fXSuUu4S9WJf . Thank you.

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