Laughing at Feminists

Only one in 11 women in the UK identifies as a feminist, according to a report published in 2016 (link below). Despite this, feminists collectively are both highly influential and deeply toxic to society. They are also utterly humourless, particularly feminist ‘comedians’ (e.g. Kate Smurfwit, Sandy Toxic).

Along with many, we seek to preserve our sanity in relation to feminists with humour. We have a website dedicated to laughing at feminists, imaginatively titled Laughing at Feminists. The associated comedy channel with 140+ videos at the time of writing is here.

In 2016 the Fawcett Society, a London-based feminist charity staffed by hatchet-faced harpies, published their report Sex Equality: State of the Nation. The survey they commissioned revealed that only 9 per cent of British women and 4 per cent of British men identified as feminists. Only one in 15 adults in the UK identify as feminists. The geniuses concluded that the UK was a country of ‘hidden’ feminists.

Ronni McDonald, a feminist who still works for the Fawcett Society, preparing for the ‘End the gender pay gap’ march, London, 2021.

We were told by an informant who worked for the charity at the time – she’s no longer with them – that the prime contributor to the report (albeit not mentioned in it) was this delightful lady:

Wilhelmina Ballbreaker on one of her calmer days (2016)

Every feminist narrative is one or more of the following – a baseless conspiracy theory, a fantasy, a lie, a delusion or a myth. 

Dawn Breaking, a feminist ‘musician’, about to launch into her song, ‘Women are strong! Women are amazing!! Women need gender quotas!!!’, Edinburgh Festival, 2018.

Feminists wield a level of power and influence across the developed world which is utterly disproportionate to their numbers. The democratic deficit is staggering. Fortunately for the mental health of the rest of us, they’re also laughable.

Tracey Emin, a feminist ‘artist’, once photographed wearing a ‘This is what a feminist looks like’ T-shirt from The Fawcett Society.

She’s the ‘professor’ of ‘drawing’ at the Royal Academy, making her officially a Royal pain in the arts. Ms Emin is seemingly not discouraged by her complete inability to draw.

Shirley Knott, a feminist, struggling to understand that the gender pay gap is the result of men’s and women’s different career choices and ambitions for senior positions.

From the day they end full-time education, women are far more likely than men not to engage in paid employment, or to work only part-time (options generally enabled by their male partners), regardless of whether or not they have childen.

Julie Bindel, a lesbian feminist ‘journalist’, has long misrepresented Interpersonal Violence as a gendered issue, and The Spectator has published over 50 articles by her. The last word on Ms Bindel (and her like) must go to the man behind the video Hitler reacts to radical feminist Julie Bindel.

We long ago established beyond any reasonable doubt that feminists are whiny, gormless, toxic liars, as anyone with an IQ above that of a fruit fly already instinctively knows. We did this by presenting Whiny Feminist of the Month, Gormless Feminist of the Month, Toxic Feminist of the Month and Lying Feminist of the Month awards over a number of years.

An example of each. Laura Bates was the October 2014 Whiny Feminist of the Month. Jessica Valenti, Guardian ‘journalist’, was the July 2015 Gormless Feminist of the Month. Caitlin Mora, Times ‘journalist’, was the May 2017 Toxic Feminist of the Month. Caroline Criado Perez was the January 2015 Lying Feminist of the Month, the third time she’d won the award in the space of just eight months.

Tom Caulfield has been the videographer and editor for all the International Conferences on Men’s Issues from 2016 to the present day. He created 16 promotional videos for the 2020 event, the first set on board the Starship Menterprise, featuring Elizabeth Hobson, the leader of our party at the time, Mike Buchanan, Robert Brockway, the Australian creator of Wiki4Men, and Tom Golden, the American behind the website Men Are Good.

Feminists are laughable, ridiculous and ludicrous. We need to laugh at them, ridicule them, and ludicrise them, whenever and wherever we encounter them.

Rubi Whacks, a feminist, seemingly disinclined to engage with rational arguments and facts when presented by a man, i.e. ‘mansplaining’.

It’s not just important to laugh at feminists, it’s a civic duty.

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