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Meghann Foye, authoress, 38, facing firestorm of outrage for claiming women without children should be allowed a ‘ME-ternity’ leave to focus on their goals, bails on Good Morning America appearance at the last minute

Priceless. Hmm, does this story tell us anything we didn’t already know about gender-typical work centredness? And did the world-renowned sociologist Dr Catherine Hakim possibly have something to say on the subject in 2000? On the most recent International Women’s … Continue reading

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University of Southern California cancels video games panel due to lack of women

Our thanks to Martin for this. From the comments stream: The overwhelming number of game players are male especially in the upper echelons there are practically no females.  It is very competitive.  So now we have to let women win … Continue reading

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Video of the anti-MGM protest in Luton (22 March)

A tip of the hat to The Forgotten Man of TheLondonGroup for filming and editing this. To date, it’s the only video of the largest anti-MGM protest ever held in the UK, outside the largest private male circumcision clinic in the … Continue reading

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Ignorance about men’s issues at ‘The Spectator’ and ‘The Oldie’

I recently started subscribing to The Spectator, a weekly publication, and always enjoy reading it, even if its grasp of gender politics is utterly woeful. Julie Burchill and Germaine Greer are among its occasional contributors, maybe there’s a connection. But … Continue reading

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The Radical Feminist (satirical Twitter account)


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Dr Mohammad Hossain Howlader, London: Known Genital Mutilator

Our thanks to A Voice for Men for this. We’ve archived the website of the circumcision clinic, here.

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European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation (chairman: Tony Blair) plans to eliminate anti-feminism, by making it illegal in the EU

Our thanks to William Collins for his latest remarkable piece. The chairman of the ill-named European Council of Tolerance and Reconciliation is Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, the husband of one of the most vile feminists of her generation, Cherie Booth. If … Continue reading

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How much are those who mutilate baby boys’ genitals earning from their crimes?

One area we’ve rarely touched on is the financial incentives for the criminals who mutilate boys’ genitals for financial gain, leaving aside for now the potential for making further money by selling foreskins to a number of commercial organisations. Let’s … Continue reading

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Search terms leading to the J4MB website

The functionality of the WordPress blogging software we use includes reporting on terms people have entered into internet search engines such as Google’s, resulting in them arriving at this site. A small selection from today’s crop: do men hate women … Continue reading

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Femke van den Driessche, 19-year-old cyclist, fined, ordered to pay legal costs, and given a six-year ban for using a motor

Hello Femke, got a new motor? Our thanks to Sean for this good news story.

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