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Herbert Purdy: A looming political crisis for Britain – could this be a crunch time for feminism?

A fairly lengthy but, as always, insightful and thought-provoking piece from Mr Purdy. We look forward to more pieces from him in 2015.

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Karen Straughan: 25 men bullshitting about male privilege (part 2)

We haven’t watched this 19-minute-long video yet, but ask yourself, seriously – has Karen Straughan ever published a video that wasn’t well worth watching? Of course you haven’t. Enjoy.

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Happy New Year!

We wish all our wonderful loyal supporters our best wishes for 2015. In the next day or two we’ll be kicking the year off with a public challenge of a prominent radical feminist, which we’re confidently expecting will attract mainstream … Continue reading

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Missouri bill to require father’s consent on abortion revives men’s rights issue

Our thanks to Tony for pointing us towards this interesting piece in The Washington Times.

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Woman advising men on how to deal with women

We wouldn’t claim this video is altogether successful, but it hits more than enough bases for us to post it here, and it’s funny, too – largely because it tells home truths with which many women are uncomfortable, with good … Continue reading

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A cure for feminist hysteria?

A supporter has emailed me in response to the piece I wrote yesterday about Feminist Personality Disorder. As well as Narcissistic Personality Disorder, persecutory delusions, and victim mentality, he suggests that hysteria is almost invariably a component of Feminist Personality … Continue reading

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Chris McGovern v Nicky Morgan, Secretary of State for Education, Minister for Women and Equalities

Chris McGovern is the estimable Chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, launched in 1987. Nicky Morgan is the woeful Secretary of State for Education – also the Minister for Women and Equalities, give me strength – who replaced Michael … Continue reading

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Everything that’s wrong with feminism, in a little over eight minutes

Another gem from one of our favourite vloggers, Sargon of Akkad. His YouTube channel is here.

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‘womanofthewoods’ – Whiny Feminist of the Month

A woman with Feminist Personality Disorder – an unfortunate amalgam of mental health issues – has won this month’s award.

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Feminist Personality Disorder

A supporter has pointed me to a comment by ‘womanofthewoods’ following a typically absurd piece on the Mancheeze website. Radical feminists suffer from a range of psychological disorders, typically including Narcissistic personality disorder, Persecutory delusions and Victim mentality. Collectively, these … Continue reading

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