Honey Badgers – the video

Honey Badgers are women who self-identify as non-feminists, anti-feminists, or men’s human rights activists. They include:

Erin Pizzey

Karen Straughan (Girl Writes What)

Alison Tieman (Typhon Blue)

Janet Bloomfield (JudgyBitch)

Diana Davison

Zara Faris

Quiet Riot Girl

Aimee Nicholls


Female Fed Up With Feminism

Emma the Emo

… and many more.

Two years ago I was explaining about Honey Badgers to a relative of the female persuasion, when she laughed and asked if I wanted to see a YouTube video about the animals. I said I would, and it’s here (3:20). It’s been viewed by over 68 million people, more people than live in the UK. I haven’t checked our stats recently, but I believe that might be more people than have ever watched a J4MB video.

I sent the link to one of the senior people at A Voice for Men, the most-visited and most influential men’s human rights advocacy website in the world. She told me this particular video had been the inspiration for terming non-feminist and anti-feminist women ‘Honey Badgers’. It’s a term denoting deep appreciation for them.

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