David Cameron wins his fourth consecutive ‘Toady of the Year’ award

I worked for the Conservatives, as a business consultant, during 2006-8. In the autumn of 2009 Cameron announced his intention to adopt all-women prospective parliamentary candidate shortlists, a highly anti-meritocratic proposal. I cancelled my party membership in protest, as did a number of other party members.

I then started work on a book which was published the following year, David and Goliatha: David Cameron – heir to Harman? The cartoon on the cover was drawn by the late cartoonist Martin Honeysett in line with my suggested design, and the design is here. We think he captured both David Cameron and Harman perfectly.

We present Toady awards to men in positions of power and influence who drive or collaborate with radical feminist agendas which harm men and boys. Radical feminism – a female supremacy ideology espoused by men-hating women (and men), which emerged from Marxism – has been the prevailing ideology of the political (and other) classes in the UK, and across much of the developed world, for 30+ years.

Toadies are found in all walks of life. Campaign for Merit in Business, an associated campaign, has reported that a third of FTSE100 chairmen are members of the ‘30% Club’. The club campaigns for higher female representation on corporate boards, even though compelling evidence shows that one consequence will be corporate financial decline. Campaign for Merit in Business has provided that evidence to House of Commons and House of Lords inquiries, yet the government continues to bully major companies into appointing more women onto their boards, through threats of legislated gender quotas if they don’t.

In 2012 our associated campaign The Anti-Feminism League presented David Cameron with its ‘Toady of the Year’ award, in recognition of his role in this matter. The original blog piece, with a link to the award certificate, is here.

In 2013 our supporters were incensed by the story of female postgraduate engineering students at Brunel University receiving an additional taxpayer-funded sum of £22,750 solely on account of their gender. Men pay 72% of the income tax collected by the British government.

Even in the Labour administrations of 1997-2010 when Harriet Harman was at her most influential, such an outrageous anti-male measure would have been unthinkable. But we shouldn’t be surprised. Under David Cameron’s leadership the Conservatives have been driving radical feminist agendas with even more determination, as we’d expect from the administration of the least principled prime minister in living memory. And so it was that we presented David Cameron with our ‘Toady of the Year’ award for 2013 too. His certificate is here.

In 2014 we presented David Cameron with his third consecutive ‘Toady of the Year’ award, for reasons which are outlined on his award certificate.

And so we come to Cameron’s fourth consecutive ‘Toady of the Year’ award, that for 2015. Some have said that his pursuit of radical feminist agendas whilst in coalition with the Liberal Democrats was attributable to the influence of the latter party. At J4MB we never believed that for a moment.

Now unshackled from the Liberal Democrats, and leading a majority Conservative government, Cameron realised his ambition of appointing women to a third of cabinet posts, although only one in five Conservative MPs are women (68 out of a total of 331). He’s inevitably consigned a number of their more competent male colleagues to the back benches. He’s also re-appointed Nicky Morgan as both the Education Secretary and Minister for Women & Equalities. She later tweeted:

Delighted to continue as Secretary of State for Education and Minister for Women & Equalities – lots more to do in both roles.

We shudder to think what she means by ‘lots more’ with respect to women. Cameron’s new award certificate is here.

Our 2015 general election manifesto, which outlined how the human rights of men and boys are assaulted in 20 areas by the actions and inactions of the state, usually to advantage women and girls – who are specifically assaulted in no areas – is  here.

We need a Minister for Men, not a Minister for Women.


13 thoughts on “David Cameron wins his fourth consecutive ‘Toady of the Year’ award

  1. One thing the ghastly Anna Soubry said with which I agree – and for which she was demoted – was that many of the problems with the GP service could be attributable to the numbers of part time women employed in it. The same applies to all failing public services.
    Personally I see no good reason why at least small companies – 9 or less employees – should not be free to dismiss a pregnant woman with her redundancy entitlement. I would go so far as to say that in the semi and unskilled occupations, men’s pay should be maintained at the expense of women’s to make men marriageable, and the personal tax allowance should be fully transferable, to keep mothers at home.
    Older women can suffer just as much at the hands of these over-entitled little madams as men do.

  2. Having bigoted Ministers for “equalities” and “education” – two meaningless words, these days – ensures the indoctrination of the next generations of small children into statist, feminist beliefs. Until enough people recognise this as child abuse, this will go on forever,

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