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Swaziland: HIV infection higher among circumcised men

Our thanks to Mark for pointing us to this on the 15 Square website. WHO/UN are circumcising 20 million men in Sub-Saharan Africa, purportedly to slow down the spread of AIDS. The evidence base on which this mass mutilation of … Continue reading

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Gender equality in leadership moves up agenda, McKinsey study shows

Our thanks to Chloe for this. Depressing stuff. The article includes some comments from Caroline Carr. In April 2012 the Anti-Feminism League posted a piece titled Toadies and their daughters. Ms Carr’s father is Sir Roger Carr, chairman of Centrica, … Continue reading

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Domestic violence reports rise in Suffolk with 2,000 involving male victims

Our thanks to Sean for this. No mention of organizations supporting male victims, of course, and equally inevitably: In addition yesterday was International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and highlighted the White Ribbon campaign to tackle domestic … Continue reading

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2014 International Conference on Men’s Issues (Detroit) – and why you need to pre-register for ICMI16, London, within the next seven days (only £22.00)

[Note added 29.11.15: I’m repeating this post, first published in 2014, at the request of a key donor. He’s looking forward to attending the conference in London, next July. We need to get an accurate steer on delegate numbers, and … Continue reading

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International Men’s Day – anti-MGM protest in Parliament Square

Our thanks to AVfM for loading a photograph taken by Richard Duncker of Men Do Complain towards the end of the protest in Parliament Square ten days ago, onto the piece about the protest. The piece has a link to … Continue reading

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Crumbs! Captain’s blistering biscuit memo to Lieutenant Hobnob after scalding troops for failing to make enough hot drinks (and forgetting the Jaffa Cake on the side)

Our thanks to William for this. Women are proving time and again to be liabilities in the Armed Forces. Chinese and Russian military experts must be laughing their socks off at what goes on in the British Armed Forces today.

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Babyish, cruel and fickle… the joys of female friends! And why there are no world-beating all-female companies.

Our thanks to Martin for alerting us to an online version of a piece in today’s Mail on Sunday. The piece is concerned with relational aggression, which is commonly employed by women and girls, rarely by men and boys (for … Continue reading

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Fishermen? Could we call them fishers, asks top Labour aide.

We have a very strong contender for the next Gormless Feminist of the Month award. Are all Labour MPs selected from all-women shortlists, gender-obsessed blithering idiots? We think inevitably of Jess Phillips, who sought to deny Philip Davies MP a debate … Continue reading

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Thunderf00t: Guilty of rape until proven innocent – Justice in the UK

Our thanks to David for pointing us to a short video (4:48) on the malign influence on British justice of Alison Saunders and other Feminazis at the Crown Prosecution Service.

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The Fiamengo File, Episode #10: Michael Kimmel’s Masculinity Studies article

Professor Janice Fiamengo on form, as always. Enjoy. Just 10 days ago we posted a piece, ‘Professor Michael Kimmel is the lowest form of life, a male feminist’ – here. Two years ago we presented a Toady award to an … Continue reading

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