Women’s Aid – our public challenge of Polly Neate, CEO, to retract seven lies and misleading statements. She refused to do so.

[Note added 23.9.14: Women’s Aid have been working for some time with the Home Office on proposals to extend the law to cover areas of domestic ‘abuse’ not previously covered by the law – not covered for very good reasons. J4MB has publicly challenged Theresa May MP, Home Secretary, over the associated highly flawed consultation exercise, which is an ideologically-driven farce. Submissions have been invited from numerous groups, but not researchers, the very people who have proven the idea underpinning the extension of the law – the feminist ‘male control theory’ of domestic abuse – has no basis in reality. The challenge is here.]

Yesterday we issued a public challenge to Polly Neate, CEO of Women’s Aid, to retract seven lies / misleading statements made by Franki Hackett, a Women’s Aid spokeswoman, in a recent online discussion. She treated the challenge with utter contempt. Our email exchange has been added to the end of our challenge document.

Ms Hackett was a worthy winner of this month’s ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ award. Her certificate is downloadable here.

We’ll be closely monitoring the public utterances of Polly Neate and other Women’s Aid spokeswomen, challenging Ms Neate when we detect lies and misleading statements, and we’ll present more ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ awards as appropriate. Three months ago we publicly challenged Dickie James, a Board member of Women’s Aid. These women can’t help revealing their visceral hatred of men.

7 thoughts on “Women’s Aid – our public challenge of Polly Neate, CEO, to retract seven lies and misleading statements. She refused to do so.

  1. That women are the majority in one way DV rings true to me. A former gf ended up being quite violent with me to the point where she would throw fairly heavy things at me and try to kick me as hard as she could, and try to do it unexpectedly, when I asked why she did it, she said she knew men would not hit her back, she had done it to previous bfs too.

  2. These awards are mildly amusing, Mike, but Neate and Horley are serious, organised criminals who have robbed tens of millions from public and private funds using major fraud and perjury. Their lobbying of Whitehall, for decades, to secure their funding and deny support to men is, technically, treason. Aside from the obvious contempt for men, they have perpetuated abuse on women by allowing children to suffer and grow up with poor learned behaviour.

    They both need to be asset-stripped and jailed for life.

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