4 thoughts on “Radical feminist: ‘Abolish the white race. Abolish men.’

  1. The joke is on men,to still play the gentlemen,while women behave in a cheap,classless,dishonest way. And these kind of ideas can only come from women who are spoiled beyond even the most far fetched utopia.(courtesy of the gentleman culture) Actually,it is shameful if not outright idiotic for men to treat these types of women in a privileged manner. What is actually needed is for men to treat them in an equal,firm manner. No perks,no exemptions,no nothing….
    One can not correct or reverese the excess,if one continues to act in a meek,overpolite and sheepish way. One needs to regain self-respect,start seeing today’s women for what they have become and not allow anyone to tell men that they are not needed,surplus to requirement and other trash that comes out from present day trashy,stupid and spoiled women.
    It is the gentlemen who are directly responsible for today’s situation,for tolerating women’s excesses on gentlemanly grounds… The only way to correct today’s situation is for men to put the gentleman clture in a closet,lock it up and take it out again when (if ever) women start to act like ladies and mothers again.

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