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Virginia Blackburn: 45 minutes of utterly vacuous drivel – three shrieking female ‘comedians’ – on Woman Sour

Our thanks to Jeff for this. An extract: The women shrieked with laughter despite the fact that nothing even remotely amusing was said during the course of the show, gave each other sweets as prizes and all in all made themselves … Continue reading

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Irdial Discs comments on the key problem faced by the BBC

Two weeks ago we published a video on our YouTube channel, with the content (17 minutes) from Reggie Yates’s anti-MRA documentary on BBC3 which was worth watching. It included contributions from Milo Yiannopoulos and Josh O’Brien, and footage of some … Continue reading

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Oxford’s feminist hit squad

From time to time I’m contacted by academics and students from Oxford University, deploring the growing influence of vicious Feminazi academics and students there. It’s become very obvious to me why the Oxford Union doesn’t give platforms to anti-feminists these … Continue reading

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The political wisdom of people who don’t even know what a circle is

The first column I turn to when my weekly Spectator arrives is that of Rod Liddle. His article in today’s edition is here. Conservatives (both upper and lower case ‘c’) may possibly enjoy the piece more than liberals.

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Happy New Year!!!

J4MB has members, donors, and supporters as far afield as Australia, and two supporters in Eastern Australia – which is 11 hours ahead of GMT – have emailed us to point out they’ve already celebrated the start of 2016. So … Continue reading

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The year feminism lost the plot: And became self-indulgent, intolerant and irrelevant – just when the world needs it most, says Sarah Vine

Our thanks to Chloe for this.

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Shannon Robertshaw, 42, gloats about having committed paternity fraud

Our thanks to William for this – a woman gloating in a national newspaper about having carried out paternity fraud. She has no reservations about having had a child without the prospect of that child having a loving and supportive … Continue reading

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J4MB repeats its call for Vera Baird’s resignation

There are few feminists who’ve attracted more of our attention than Vera Baird QC, the Police & Crime Commissioner of Northumbria. Almost a year ago (2 January 2015) we sent her an 11-page-long letter, calling for her resignation on five … Continue reading

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Daily Mail: Northumbria Police are accused of sexism after new anti-domestic violence campaign only refers to male attackers

Our thanks to John for this. Good to see the story making it into the Daily Mail, even if the weasel words of a Northumbria Police spokesman, at the end of the piece, are shameful. I’ve added a few comments, … Continue reading

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Priest suspended for riding hoverboard up aisles during Christmas Eve mass

Our thanks to Martin for this. It brought to mind some of the sketches of the late legendary Irish comedian, Dave Allen.

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