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[Note added 31.3.15: The text below is the same as that first published about a week ago, but we’re re-publishing it because we know we’re getting a lot of new visitors to the site, due to the daily increases in ‘hits’ … Continue reading

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International Business Times

About four weeks ago I was commissioned by International Business Times, a leading international online news service, to provide some balance in their output of pieces about gender-related matters. I would be free to write on any matters I wished, … Continue reading

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Gloria De Piero (L) and Anna Soubry (C) on The Andrew Marr Show

If ever you wanted proof that both Labour and the Conservatives are feminist-driven parties today, this should provide it. It goes without saying, of course, that the Lib Dems are. Commentary under the video, please leave comments there rather than … Continue reading

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Tim Alford: Why I’m supporting J4MB

We have the first response to our invitation for people to explain why they’re supporting J4MB – or other matters they wish to be published on this website – and donating £1.00 per word towards our £9,000 fundraiser. Tim Alford is … Continue reading

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Lib Dems suspend Ashfield candidate Jason Zadrozny after sex arrest

On May 7 I’ll be standing against Gloria De Piero, Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities, in Ashfield. The seat had historically been a safe Labour seat, and Geoff Hoon used to secure 10,000+ majorities. In 2010 former Sky presenter … Continue reading

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Why do you support J4MB?

A £100 donation this morning – our thanks to Graham S, a multiple donor over the past two years – has brought the sum total raised towards our £9,000 fundraiser to £3,065. With just nine days to go before the deadline of … Continue reading

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ManWomanMyth – can you contact him?

I’ve had an email which worries me. I’ve met the legendary MRA behind the ManWomanMyth and Humanity Bites YouTube channels twice in the past two years. On the last occasion he seemed to me to be in low spirits.. I’ve had an email … Continue reading

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Antonia Hoyle: ‘Are you a man who’s been sexually harassed by female bosses at work?’

Antonia Hoyle, a noted journalist, has emailed me the following. Please email her directly if you can help her with her piece. I’ve been asked by my editor at a national newspaper to write a piece about men who have … Continue reading

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Lying Feminist of the Month: Melanie Jeffs, Manager, Nottingham Women’s Centre

So many contenders for this award every month. With polling day just six weeks away, we decided to select a radical feminist who works near the constituencies in which we’re standing. Melanie Jeffs runs the Nottingham Women’s Centre. Her certificate … Continue reading

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Kate Stevenson: ‘Gormless Feminist of the Month’ award winner.

Well deserved.

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