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Terrence Popp

Terrence Popp is a remarkable man. As an American marine, he won two Purple Hearts. He came close to being killed by an IED in Iraq, the effects of which impact him to this day. He came close to committing … Continue reading

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Women’s Aid – our public challenge of Polly Neate, CEO, to retract seven lies and misleading statements. She refused to do so.

[Note added 23.9.14: Women’s Aid have been working for some time with the Home Office on proposals to extend the law to cover areas of domestic ‘abuse’ not previously covered by the law – not covered for very good reasons. … Continue reading

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Why are women above the law?

There are currently over 80,000 men in British prisons, and fewer than 4,000 women. William Collins has shown that if male criminals were treated as leniently as female criminals in sentencing terms, five in six of the men serving sentences … Continue reading

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Recommended books

The following books might be of interest to anyone with an interest in exploring gender-related issues, and feminism in particular. Please let us know of any books which you think might usefully be added to the list. Adams, Steven (2010), … Continue reading

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Recommended websites

There’s a large and fast-expanding number of websites of interest to people who are interested in men’s and boys’ issues, their human rights, and have non-feminist or anti-feminist perspectives. If you have time to follow only one site, we strongly … Continue reading

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Refuge – our challenge of Sandra Horley, Chief Executive. No reponse.

The letter we sent Ms Horley on 4.9.14.

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Our public challenges of feminists (and their male collaborators)

We’re sometimes asked if we’ve ever had any substantive responses to the many public challenges we’ve issued to feminists, and their male collaborators. No, we haven’t, with the sole exception of one from Vera Baird, although we still haven’t received … Continue reading

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Lying Feminists of the Month – Sandi Toksvig (twice), Laura Bates (twice), Caroline Criado-Perez (thrice), Gloria De Piero MP (twice), Kate Smurthwaite, Kat Banyard, a Women’s Aid spokeswoman…

These awards were originally titled, ‘Lying Women of the Month’. Following the realisation that the award winners were invariably feminists, from July 2014 onwards we’ve presented ‘Lying Feminist of the Month’ awards. The awards in reverse chronological order: July 2015: … Continue reading

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Female sex offenders

Anyone relying on the mainstream media for an understanding of female sex offenders would surely conclude they represent a tiny proportion of women, that sexual assault is overwhelmingly a male-on-female phenomenon, and that where women are involved, it’s invariably as … Continue reading

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Female postgraduate engineering students entitled to taxpayer-funded sponsorships worth £22,750, on the basis of gender alone

[Note added 6.7.14: The Brunel University story is small beer in comparison with this story, the government committing £30 million to bribe more women into engineering.] [Note added 3.7.14: A FoI request has led us to the information that these … Continue reading

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