David Cameron – sexist, racist, ageist

Norman Smith is the Assistant Political Editor of the BBC. Outside 10 Downing Street this morning – three days after the announcement of a majority Conservative government – he said the following on BBC News 24:

David Cameron’s team has made it known his new cabinet will better reflect the diversity of the nation. There will be fewer ministers like me – male, pale, and stale.

‘Male, pale, and stale’. In plain English, Cameron is going to deny senior office to capable people along sexist, racist, and ageist lines. We always suspected that his pursuit of social engineering exercises in the coalition with the Liberal Democrats had nothing to do with the latter party, and he’s just confirmed it. Meritocracy has been sacrificed on the altar of a social engineering initiative. It’s a sad day for Conservatives.

About one in five Conservative MPs are women – 68 out of a total of 331 MPs – yet Cameron has made it known he will give a third of cabinet posts to women – here. Female Conservative MPs are 62% more likely than their male colleagues to be offered ministerial positions. Numerous more capable men will have to remain on the back benches to enable this social engineering exercise.

Yesterday Cameron re-appointed Nicky Morgan as Education Secretary and Minister for Women & Equalities, thereby re-dedicating himself officially to radical feminist policy directions for the coming five years. It’s why we’ve given him a fourth successive ‘Toady of the Year’ award. His certificate is here.

I was warning the public about Cameron’s feminist leanings as far back as 2010, with the publication of David and Goliatha: David Cameron – heir to Harman? The front cover – by the legendary cartoonist Martin Honeysett – made the point.

We plan to field candidates in the 20 most marginal Conservative seats at the 2020 general election.

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