William Collins writes about male genital mutilation

You can rely on William Collins to publish pieces backed up by a considerable amount of research. His new piece on MGM is impressive, and will be a good source of references for us for the years ahead. We’ll be devoting a higher proportion of our efforts to MGM in future, than we have in the past. It is, after all, an area where a huge amount of future human suffering could be avoided with a single Act of Parliament. The time to end MGM on religious or cultural grounds, for those under 18, has surely arrived.

2 thoughts on “William Collins writes about male genital mutilation

  1. It is a very good concise write-up, with links. Ideal for introducing the main issues surrounding MGM to the uninitiated (pun not intended).

  2. I sincerely hope you do. As Mr.Collins points out the majority are not on religious grounds but related to discredited medical notions or moral crusades (against masturbation) of the nineteenth century. I respectfully suggest any law takes the line of prohibiting “non medical/clinical” circumcision for babies infants and children. Clearly adults may indeed wish to have a non-medical procedure as part of culture/religion and I think that’s their right (but not on the NHS).

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