J4MB wristbands (now available in children’s / slim ladies’ size, too). Wear one and be the envy of your family and friends. Annoy feminists at the same time. It’s all good.

Show your support for men and boys (and the women who love them) by wearing an individually-numbered J4MB silicone wristband. They’re comfortable and extremely hard-wearing. I haven’t taken mine off for maybe 9-10 months, and it still looks like new. The design is here. A few points:

  1. The text is printed in debossed areas i.e. shallow depressions in which the (white) print lies.

  2. The design is printed on only one side of the bands.

  3. The bands are sequentially numbered, as shown by the black text on the band design. The numbers are debossed but not printed.

  4. The bands are available in two sizes, we’ll send the larger size unless you ask us to send the smaller. The latter is suitable for children and ladies with reasonably slim wrists. If in doubt, order the larger size.

We’re asking for a minimum contribution of £5.00 (inc p&p) for each band delivered within the UK, which will cover costs and include a modest donation to J4MB funds. £8.00 (inc p&p) for each band delivered outside the UK.

Please pay for your band(s) through PayPal, credit and debit cards are also acceptable. Be sure to state how many bands you’d like, and include your mailing address. Any problems, please email me at mike@j4mb.org.uk.

Thank you for your support.

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