5 thoughts on “Should lying with a view to obtaining sex be a criminal offence? A Canadian lady gives us her thoughts.

  1. “A woman needs a man like a woman needs a bicycle I think first started as a song in Fellini’s movie “City of Women” (Città delle donne).

    What’s MGHOW?

    I’d like to give a shout out to Richard Lovel who is working to empower men, encouraging them to take the “no pussy pledge”, thus avoiding a lot of stress and expense. I don’t agree with the self-humiliation, though if it works for you go for it, but he is an underappreciated figure working for men’s rights.

  2. yes,but only when lying about one’s age,having fake/silicon boobs,artificial hair color,botox lips,botox butt and all becomes a criminal offence too.
    Because that too can be classified as a lie and be misleading to a potential partner….

  3. Some men undoubtedly lie in order to get a woman into bed. I’ve never been one of those men. Nevertheless, I’ve noticed how those men have been successful in bedding women who were only too willing to believe them. My own experience has been that women have misinterpreted my honesty by being unwilling to accept who I actually am, preferring to go with their own misguided belief as to who I am. Because they saw me as an object, I presume.

    I may give out the wrong impression, but not deliberately. That’s not in my nature.

    My experiences with women have led me to conclude that women start lying AFTER they’ve established a relationship with a man.
    In fact that is THE reason that I have rejected women since the last Millennium and am now a MGHOW.

    Because the’ve all not only lied to me, they’ve lied about me.

    Is the law on my side? Well no, of course it isn’t, The law is an ass.

    “A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle” said the feminists.

    I say: “A man needs a woman like a rabbit needs myxomatosis”.

    There are now many more fish needing bicycles than rabbits needing myxomatosis.


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