Sexual consent workshops at Cambridge University

Our thanks to Paul for pointing us to this story.

You’d have thought, would you not, that women starting degree courses at Cambridge University would be among the brightest young women in the country? Apparently not. Feminists wish to infantilise them by forcing them to attend compulsory sexual consent workshops at which they’ll learn they are never to consider themselves accountable for anything that happens to them – you want to walk alone round a park, stark naked, whilst blind drunk, at 3am? Go grrrrl!!! – and that ‘lad culture’ is to blame for everything. Oh, and check out the six ‘I need feminism because…’ pictures. They’re all idiotic even by the deplorable standards of this ‘genre’, but the two featuring men are particularly embarrassing.

3 thoughts on “Sexual consent workshops at Cambridge University

  1. Thanks – good points, but of course the cited workshops are run by feminists for women. Feminists tell them they’re unaccountable for whatever happens to them, encouraging women not to take reasonable precautions, thereby INCREASING the level of sexual assaults – precisely what the feminists want, to ‘justify’ their existence. Workshops for men would, of course, be a good idea – so long as they’re not run by feminists, obviously!

  2. Actually I think consent workshops are necessary because the law is so far from what is commonly understood to be rape that young men do actually need to know exactly what can get them serious trouble. Actually getting the facts out will also be helpful as the “category creep” over the past decades has been largely hidden by the puplic rhetoric, which is a continuation and rehearsal of the Victorians horror at sexual “outrage”. Frankly men need to be aware of the dangers. Whether right or wrong they will be held to account as solely responsible for sexual activity and this position should be made clear to them, however infantilising of women.

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