One thought on “Women Against Feminism

  1. This is why I like J4MB. Once you start an “ism” it ends up a “thing” often way beyond that which ordinary people experience in their lives. So for instance the family court system and divorce law is unjust to men. The reasons may be argued over (a hangover from Victiorian values, patriarchy, feminist lawyers, the Harmanettes and so on). But the work is to rectify the law and its operation. Some of it is as simple as getting courts to enforce orders they already make. Similarly the clear educational disadvantage of boys requires immediate work on reading, writing and maths and a close look at discipline and “exclusions” (whatever the cause). The operation of the criminal justice system again has some clear and basic inequities that reflect the letter of the law in some cases but more frequently just bad practice unsupported by the facts, usually politically driven. 
    In all cases there may be cultural issues to be addressed but action can be directed at addressing the current and clear inequities in the law or publicly funded bodies. 
    Without waiting to address some deeper cultural issues (male disposability, gynocentric social norms, marrying “up” etc.) 
    J4MB gives an opportunity to focus on Equity (Justice) and in so doing may attract those interested in “fairness”. I think Dean Esmay is entirely right in his interview with Angry Harry that at a basic level Equity, being fair, is a widespread visceral value and one to appeal to. I think this particularly in looking at the stuff from younger generations (such as in this anti-feminist move or Josh’s videos or University men’s groups) effectively unaware of anything other than current feminist orthodoxy  They nonetheless see the inequities in the real world and the inconsistencies in the ideology.

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