Douglas of explains why every vote cast for J4MB at the 2015 general election will matter

We recently posted a piece explaining what success for J4MB would look like in the 2015 general election. A short while ago we received the following insightful response to the piece from Douglas of, a website we recommend highly:

Many years ago, I was involved with the Green Movement, as it then was. Someone came up with the idea of forming a political party to push the agenda, and the Green Party was born.

That the Green Party still exists, and whether one likes their contemporary politics, is not my point. I lived through – and played my small part in – the formation of the Green Party which went from a struggling concept to a political platform within one or two elections. And the big point is that as soon as the big three parties saw votes being taken from them and going to this new Green Party, they ALL suddenly had ‘green’ issues on their agenda. Every one of the major parties started vying for the votes by declaring that they were greener than the others and environmental issues are a fixed part of modern politics.

Yes, the Green Party still exists and still pushes for… well, something… but most of the demands the Green Movement had back in the ‘old days’ have been met and often exceeded by the major political parties who have desperately wanted to appease the environmentalists hidden in most of us.

By making an election issue of men’s and boys’ needs, we can focus the attention of politicians on to male rights and the plight of men and boys. When main-stream politicians know for sure that getting voted in relies on them turning their back on divisive feminist policies and backing genuine equality, they will mandate accordingly and start voting in Parliament to appease the fair-mindedness that is in most of us.

It won’t even matter if the EU and UN keep pushing the feminist bigotry on the country: the politicians in power will reject it because they will know that to do otherwise will mean they will not stay in power. THAT is why every vote for J4MB matters.

About Mike Buchanan

I'm a men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My primary focus is leading the political party I launched in 2013, Justice for Men & Boys (and the women who love them). I still work actively on two campaigns I launched in early 2012, Campaign for Merit in Business and the Anti-Feminism League. In 2014 I launched The Alternative Sexism Project, aiming to raise public understanding that the sexism faced by men and boys has far more grievous consequences than the sexism faced by women and girls.
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  • I am a wet blanket sometimes. Pragmatic…yeah, that’s it.

    Keep in mind that the green movement has been in play for a long time – at minimum, since the early 70s.

    The men’s movement could be argued to be at that stage of gestation right now. There is likely a critical mass of awareness, but nonetheless stupid crap is still happening. And that stuff that is happening will have effects for a long time to come.

    • I take your point, but one force for change that wasn’t around in the early days of the Green movement is the internet, which has only been a significant entity for spreading information etc. since the 1990s. We believe public awareness of the assaults on men’s and boy’s human rights is going to accelerate at a rate which will prove to be a nightmare to feminists and the state institutions they currently manipulate to advantage women and girls, regardless of the consequences.

      • I take yours as well. However, even at that, the bar has been raised. Everyone has the access, and all viewpoints and dogma have the same playing field. Look at your favourite manboob.

        Now, if an example were to be copied, I think it is the GLBT movement. They have accomplished in one generation what numerous other movements must be jealous, if not outright pissed, about.

        Not that I am pessimistic. I just think sometimes we lack real teeth and the societal changes will be a while coming.

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  • I think that it will be an uphill struggle, and the “tipping point” will be hard to spot until it happens. I agree votes will be important but also simply creating a space for public information and debate is important to help give shape to public disquiet. Feminist theory has a policy of ” no platform” to specifically avoid giving any space for other views to be expressed. This borrowing from marxists and maoists has served them well in stifling any discussion let alone debate or alternative information. So J4MB demands to be heard and with a mandate however small that demand becomes more. I hadn’t heard the term “the blob” before but is is indeed where the problem is most entrenched , in the experts, civil service , public bodies and quangos that run us and advise the often transitory ministers etc. There there is pressure as the facts not fitting has become more clear. But it is painfully slow. It will take political will to speed this up. In one sense the prominent public position of Cooper-Balls , La Harman etc. is helpful as their creed is public. In many ways up until a decade ago most of the damage had been done “under the radar” away from any scrutiny by benign sounding projects, boring reports or assiduous committee work.

  • So the debates the Feminists most want to close down are the ones to be had. They are not fools and have had decades to hone their skills. Those debates they are most keen to shut down (no platform) are a good guide to the issues they are weakest on, frankly we have to give them some credit on this one as their success has rested on avoiding the appearance of anything other than being nice. Tipping points are hard to predict. Stephen Lawrence was one, Plebgate another in the collapse in the position of the Met.

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