Lawrence M. Krauss: “Academia’s Missing Men: Men are disappearing from science and academia. The public perception is, however, exactly the opposite.”

A strong piece in Quillette.

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4 thoughts on “Lawrence M. Krauss: “Academia’s Missing Men: Men are disappearing from science and academia. The public perception is, however, exactly the opposite.”

  1. On the missing men theme. A n indication of the broader economic effects. As is pointed out one driver is that women want to work less and more flexibly and although it links to an article about young men this is actually about young men not in work or further education (and we know the latter is partly due to the “war” against young men as toxic). So actually the reduction in “full time” is actually mainly driven by women. Not a surprise as in Sweden “full time” foe women is actually 5 hours less than “full time” for men. With productivity in the UK pretty stagnant for 15 years, its no surprise we are falling behind more dynamic economies and seeing falls in “real” wages. Eventually one cant avoid economic realities.

  2. Thanks Dennis, good points. I’ve noticed too that if white men appear they tend to be young and are often feminized (e.g. with a “man bun”). Older straight white men are clearly devils, one and all!

  3. The absence of white males in publicity or internal brochures in the area I worked (IT) has been in place for at least 15-20 years. I’d look around the office and see 80-90% white males in technical roles (the other 10-20% were men of colour) while the latest company brochures would show equal (if not more) women and typically no white men. This is a deliberate and long term exclusion of white men from any role this is considered to have any degree of prestige.

  4. This sort of thing is worrying. Apart from the obvious direct and indirect discrimination there is the gradual erosion of our competitiveness in all sorts of crucial spheres. By not developing the best talents we have. Much of this sort of discrimination is based on an underlying assumption that the talented will still carry on. But its clear from our NHS that where such things become endemic then it corrodes the work ethic, as men either seek other avenues for employment or start to adopt the part time, family friendly, work/life balance culture of their female colleagues. Eventually men too get the message that the important thing isn’t striving for exellence.

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