Heather Mac Donald: “A Kiss Is Just a Kiss”

An excellent piece on the incident that predictably led to the regrettable resignation of Luis Rubiales.

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One thought on “Heather Mac Donald: “A Kiss Is Just a Kiss”

  1. Indeed Heather is right. Its interesting that the campaign seemed to be about getting rid of the manager and Rubiales. Two men who demonstrated their commitment to women’s football by putting their all behind the national team. The manager’s crimes being a harsh task master. All this has a theme that links with other “scandals” such as in British female gymnastics, even in the past of the Dutch woman managing the English Lionesses. And again illustrated in this field, https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-66720433. In common is the coached complaining about the things that are necessary to compete. As Heather points out either females are as tough and focused as males in competitive fields or they are too fragile to deal with the demands made to achieve. Sacking the team manager that coached the national team to an unexpected victory? In all this one rarely hears a peep from the males in the sport or endeavor, though they too will have to be in the peak of fitness. Anyone would think that females need a softer and more gentle treatment, and maybe do away with competition.
    All the posturing complaining and wrangling in the USA women’s football team clearly stood them in good stead for their “campaign”.

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