WikiWomenCamp 2023 – corruption of Wikipedia by feminists

Wikipedia is hosting an event in New Delhi later this year, and funding the expenses of 60 women to attend. Details here. Extracts from that page:

WikiWomenCamp 2023 will be bringing together women from different countries of the Wikimedia movement, leaders of their respective communities and with strong experience and proven engagement with the gendergap topic. (#wikiwomencamp)

The first paragraph from the last hyperlink, emphases are Wikipedia’s:

Two kinds of gender gap exist within, and do harm to, the Wikimedia world: (a) a content gender gap (meaning that more men than women are covered in the mainspace content of our wikis), and (b) a participation gender gap, meaning that more men participate in the peer production communities of Wikimedia.

The first paragraph in a section (“Goals of the Camp”) from the first hyperlink:

We intend to provide an enriching experience and quality information, ideas and collaboration for participants to explore in the future. We are committed to bringing women from diverse backgrounds to join the three day program encompassing keynotes, presentations, workshops and discussions, focused on the roles and future of women in the movement along with a primary focus to bridge the gender gap. As gender gap is one of the identified priorities, this platform will help us plan the necessary actions and support required to expand the ongoing initiatives.

The bottom line? Wikipedia is openly financially supporting feminists to corrupt its content.

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