How one brave man (Professor Derek Bryce-Smith) took on the world, and won

A wonderful piece by Liz Hodgkinson for TCW. Sadly, Professor Derek Bryce-Smith died in 2011. I’ve left the following comments on the article (they’re waiting to be approved, possibly because of the hyperlink):

Liz, thanks for this. I well recall DBS (as he was known to students) from when I took my chemistry degree (1976-9). I did some research for him during one of the holidays and by way of appreciation he took me for dinner in his car, a Citroen 2CV (with very low fuel consumption). He explained that he had a Bentley but couldn’t drive it – if the paperazzi ever took a photo of him driving it, his anti-lead campaign could have bitten the dust!

His Wikipedia page is here.

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