Sunderland University launches Male Psychology module

As reported here, Sunderland University has launched a new Level 3 Male Psychology module.

Dr. Rebecca Owens, who sits on the BPS Male Psychology Section Committee, has developed the module, and it has support from the Male Psychology Network.

For those who may not know, the Male Psychology Network has a YouTube channel packed with interesting talks about male psychology from experts in the field, and if you have time, they are well worth a look.

The new module will be critical of concepts like “toxic masculinity”.  In January 2019, Dr. Owens wrote a good article on the SU website entitled “Gillette – The worst an ad can get”.

A course like this is badly needed with the vast majority of graduates in psychology now being women, who, with the best of professional intentions, may not understand how men look at the world or their perspectives.

With male suicide rates now at a 20 year high, it is vitally important that men are able to access quality mental health services run by professionals sympathetic to male needs, and it is NOT acceptable for this field to become drowned in gynocentrism.

Apparently this is the world’s first course specifically on male psychology, so it will be a drop in the ocean, nevertheless we wish Dr. Owens and Sunderland University every success with the course.


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