Is anyone listening to men properly?

Dan Bell of the The Men & Boys Coalition has written a timely article, again about male suicide, in the wake of World Suicide Prevention Day and the recent ONS statistics stating that the male suicide rate is the worst for 20 years.  The pandemic and its affects on unemployment are also likely to hit men hard in the coming months and years.

Again, as they point out, the narrative is often about blaming men themselves for not seeking help rather than taking the time to properly understand what is driving men to suicide in the first place.

Here is a thought – perhaps it doesn’t occur to our cultural and intellectual elites that men do not seek help as often, because that no one is really bothering to listen properly?  Perhaps they feel that the message constantly being sent to men in our culture might be “You are privileged and have all the advantages, so we don’t really care about you.”.

We need to stop saying ‘Why are men so useless at getting help?’ and ask ourselves “Why are we so useless at helping men?”


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