“I Am Not A Rapist” and the HEqual reaction

A few days ago, the BBC released a documentary (now available on iPlayer, for those who are still bothered to pay a TV licence) called “I Am Not A Rapist” – link to watch the documentary here.

The film covered the experiences of three men, including that of Liam Allan, a widely publicised case of a rape accusation that collapsed in court, when it came to light that an ex-girlfriend had pestered him with some 40,000 text messages that told a different story.

Liam has since founded a project called Innovation For Justice which seeks to expose failings of the Crown Prosecution Service.

A response has since been published on HEqual, largely praising the documentary, and saying that this effectively breaks a 20 year cover up.  HEqual states in their article that they have lobbied the BBC to properly report suicides that are brought about by false rape accusations.  They note that both the BBC and the left-wing rag the Guardian have a very poor record on reporting suicides that were caused in this way.  I wonder why? – yes that was a rhetorical question.

Notable statistics broadcast by the documentary state are the following:

Since 2016, 1419 men under investigation for rape or sexual assault have died ‘untimely deaths’.

A minimum of 1,500 men are falsely accused of rape per year.

However, the independent researcher and writer Steve Moxon has expressed his view that the official 8% false accusation rate is likely false, and that privately, police who deal with the reality of these cases on a day-to-day basis know that the rate of false rape allegations is far higher.

Hopefully, this documentary will serve to counter a feminist narrative that false rape accusations are extremely rare, and that one of the recognised reasons why men commit suicide is because they are the targets of abuse by unhinged partners who think that they can get away with it.


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