Family Magazine Sponsored by Family-Destroying Divorce Lawyers

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Family Magazine Sponsored by Family-Destroying Divorce Lawyers

If you need further evidence that feminists are trying to remove men from families Angelina Jolie-style, then see the attached magazine currently distributed on racks located in the lobbies of London Borough of Bromley Council leisure centres.

On the front cover is the title: “Family Grapevine – Essential Information for families with children 0-18 years.” Sounds pro-family and wholesome, right?

Surprise! It’s a feminist Trojan Horse that wants to destroy your family. On the back cover is a full page advert for dynamic duo divorce lawyers Siobhan O’Donnell and Caroline O’Donnell at ambulance-chasing law firm Dillon Law LLP. Their advert offers a powerful selection of weapons available to women to remove men from their houses and their children, including making allegations of domestic violence. Mediation is not on the list.

On page four they include a more detailed advertorial on their services for making a Non-Molestation Order. It’s useful to know that the order can be very widely drafted, including no contact whatsoever with “the victim,” forbidding the man from attending the home, and best of all they can apply to the Court without providing notice to “the perpetrator.” They helpfully explain that domestic violence (thanks to Theresa May’s expanded domestic abuse laws that she drove through whilst at the Home Office) are now so subjective that they can be whatever you want them to be, including emotional, psychological and financial abuse.

Yes, that means that whilst you are away from the house working to provide for your family, Siobhan O’Donnell at Dillon Law LLP is happy to help your wife initiate divorce proceedings and make an allegation of domestic violence against you so that she can get an injunction order from a judge without you even knowing about it that will block you from going back to your house, contacting your wife or contacting your children.

Angelina Jolie would be in heaven. This is what feminist Britain has come to. Family magazines, distributed at council-government leisure centres, advertising filing for divorce and making domestic violence allegations. Divorce solicitors will always be with us, but this is a new low. The domestic violence industry that makes its money by destroying men and families, empowered by the new and expanded laws that feminist Theresa May drove through during her tenure at the Home Office, is now so lucrative that even family magazines cannot refuse their money.

It’s all fun and games until it happens to you or Brad Pitt.



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  • As you say though the lawyers are slimy the real issue is political. that a law is passed creating a civil offence with criminal sanctions.

    • They’re two heads of the same Hydra. I’ve no doubt that senior Lawyers were involved in lobbying politicians for the changes to the law and making suggestions for how it would be drafted, because they could see how lucrative it would be for them.