How much are those who mutilate baby boys’ genitals earning from their crimes?

One area we’ve rarely touched on is the financial incentives for the criminals who mutilate boys’ genitals for financial gain, leaving aside for now the potential for making further money by selling foreskins to a number of commercial organisations. Let’s consider two doctors / mohels (Jewish ritual circumcisers) on the AVfM Known Genital Mutilators directory:

Dr Martin Harris practises at a clinic in Golders Green, and charges £395.00 for the procedure – his website was recently archived, here. His original website is no longer available to view. Now, why might that be?

Dr Howard Cohen works at a centre in Surrey, and while his website is currently still ‘live’, for the sake of posterity we’ve archived it – here. From his home page:

I have been performing circumcisions since 1991 and I usually perform three or four a week.

Assuming Dr Cohen has been mutilating the genitals of three or four baby boys (I hesitate to call them Jewish baby boys, for obvious reasons) per week since 1991, 25 years ago, that amounts to maybe 3,750 – 5,000 genital mutilations over the past 25 years, and we can be sure he’s still carrying out the procedures, given his website is still publicly accessible.

We emailed Dr Cohen to ask what he charges for the illegal procedure, but he didn’t reply, so it falls to us to make an educated guess as to his earnings over the past 25 years. If we take Dr Martin Harris’s £395.00 as the ‘going rate’ for a doctor / mohel, this leads us to the following estimate (at today’s prices) of Dr Cohen’s earnings to date:


Given his age, which we can estimate from his photograph on his website, he can surely expect at least another million pounds before he finishes his career in genital butchery.

We invite you to join us in protesting against this barbaric and illegal practice at our next three protests before the London conference. The first will be in Golders Green, details of all three protests here.

6 thoughts on “How much are those who mutilate baby boys’ genitals earning from their crimes?

  1. It is all profit, at some point, for someone, almost everyone in fact. The insurance company profits, the tax woman profits, the government profits, benefits recipients profit the ‘beauty industry’ profits (as if beauty can be manufactured). Only the the boy, and the man he becomes, loses.

  2. I suppose in all fairness it can’t all be profit. For a start I’d imagine the insurance premiums for someone engaged in hacking bits off the genitals of such vulnerable and tiny baby boys is quite high.

    Perhaps there’s a possible avenue for investigating which companies provide insurance to these child abusers? Simply reminding them that the practice is illegal might at least have them raise the premiums much further if nothing else.

  3. The chilling start of the (2012) article:

    “The American Academy of Pediatrics, by adopting a more positive position on infant male circumcision, is aiming to remove health and cost barriers to the procedure.”

  4. Dr. Andrew Freedman was a member of the notorious American Academy of Paediatrics “Task Force” on circumcision; and has performed thousands of genital mutilations on infant boys.

    But wait… there’s more!

    Dr. Andrew Freedman makes 20% of his income from treating circumcisions that have gone wrong! (But note that every non-therapeutic circumcision is a botch job). So he makes $500 a pop for circumcising boys, and then more $$$$ for fixing the problems!

    “As a practicing pediatric urologist, 20% of the patients I will see today are here because of something related to their circumcision.”

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