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The functionality of the WordPress blogging software we use includes reporting on terms people have entered into internet search engines such as Google’s, resulting in them arriving at this site. A small selection from today’s crop:

do men hate women because of feminism 1
female circumcision before and after 1
if u send someone your penis what prison sentence would u get 1
ada lovelace overrated 1

2 thoughts on “Search terms leading to the J4MB website

  1. Answers to the searches should they still be needed all in one place.

    “Do men hate women because of feminism”

    Men do not hate women because of feminism, they may hate feminism because of how unfairly it treats men. There are both men and women who identify as feminists.

    “female circumcision before and after”

    Women after female circumcision rightly get compassion and support. Men get no compassion as it is normalised and mostly done without consent.

    “if u send someone your penis what prison sentence would u get”

    If still attached to the penis, indecent exposure, sexual harassment or attempted rape will rightly get you up to life in jail. If not attached you will be dead or seriously ill in hospital if found in time.

    “ada lovelace overrated”

    While she did write programs to do the basic maths problems the difference engine was built to solve, she did not write any abstract programs to prove the machine was capable of universal problem solving she is said to have envisioned it could be used for. It took Alan Turing to do that.

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