William Collins: Rolf Harris v Women Sex Offenders

Another impressive piece from Mr Collins.

In our 2015 general election manifesto we explored 20 areas in which the human rights of men and/or boys are assaulted by the actions and inactions of the state, usually to advantage women and/or girls. The longest section on an individual area concerned sexual abuse (pp.31-37).

In his piece, William Collins explored the extreme double standard in relation to the sentencing of male and female sex offenders. Is there also a gendered difference in the frequency with which the police – with the approval of the feminist-driven Crown Prosecution Service – charge suspected sexual offenders?

From what is known about the relative frequency with which men and women commit sexual offences against people of the opposite sex – details in our manifesto – all else being equal, we’d expect the male:female ratio of people charged with sex offences to be a little under 3:1.

In the UK, in 2013, the ratio was 146:1.

3 thoughts on “William Collins: Rolf Harris v Women Sex Offenders

  1. the bigger question in reality is what actually REALLY constitutes a sexual offence,and what is just a feminist hyping up of it.
    At the moment,the feminist influenced legislation specifically zeroes in on men’s natural tendencies and managed to persuade ‘the powers that be’, to declare them illegal/evil.
    It is for this reason,above all,that so many men languish in prisons. A ratio unheard of in modern history (for the last 300 years ++)
    Add to this the obvious double standards in sentencing and male chivalry and what you’ve got is a medievil society,with a male witch hunt. It is nothing less than ridiculous that men still display chivalry towards women,as if they lived at a time when they controlled much of the world through an empire,jobs for life and supporting wives,gladly looking after their kids and the household.
    Well,it is high time to wake up from this illusion,because in reality men now live in a very hostile situation,where they not only do not possess an empire,but are not even able to hold on to their own families and properties. Facing jail at the slightest whim of an angry woman.
    It is sad but absolutely true.

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