3 thoughts on “Paul T Horgan: Modern socialism loathes men

  1. there is no such thing as modern socialism. There is only feminism. And feminism has all the bad traits of socialism,plus a hatred of all males. Therefore,feminism is still worse than plain socialism.
    Unfortunately,western traditions of men turning a blind eye to women’s shortcomings and automatic support for women is driving the feminist movement making it far worse than it would normally be.. Chivalrous behaviour of western men is the best friend of feminism.

  2. He’s right.
    The public sector (for the purposes of this discussion local government ) is full of young women promoted beyond their capability, due to reverse discrimination, who have chosen the sector for such things as maternity rights, flexible working, all the “work-life balance” nonsense – dangerously, they don’t have the respect of a seventy year old Councillor who runs a £1M business and/or started doing an adult’s job at 15.
    The Cllr concerned can be of either sex.
    These under-qualified women then proceed to appoint other young women less qualified than them who crucially, also don’t want to work full time in the office. So it’s a race to the bottom.
    Older women suffer as much at the hands of these young women as non-metrosexual men do, and have less chance of appointment, probably because there’s always the sex discrimination card for use against a man; the only person likely to persist with a grievance against/ the disciplining of a problem young woman is a woman in her fifties.

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