Feminism: The Ugly Truth – available shortly in a paperback edition

In February 2012 my ninth book was published, Feminism: The Ugly Truth. Since then, I’ve been somewhat occupied with activities other than writing books. To date the title has only been available as an e-book, but a valued supporter has just donated a substantial sum with the express purpose of funding a paperback edition. I should like to thank him warmly.

The book should be available to buy from Amazon and other retail outlets in the next three to four weeks, so it will be an obvious Xmas present for you and your loved ones, of all ages.

The supporter requested that the book cover remain unchanged – it includes an image of a waxwork female vampire in Eastern Europe, representing feminism, an ugly and evil ideology – and I was happy to agree to his request. I look forward to the expressions of commuters when they spot the image on the book’s cover whilst travelling on trains, buses etc.

An alternative image I originally considered for the book cover, taken by a Dutch lady photographer – a young lady licking a knife – was altogether more striking, but I rejected it in favour of the vampire image. After all, I wouldn’t want to shock people.

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