Feminist dating app rewards well behaved men

Our thanks to Rob for this. You have to ask, how many men will be so utterly desperate for female company, as to use a feminist dating app? And if those poor souls do get a date, who might it be with? Liar Bates? Charlatan Proudman? Caroline Cryado-Perez? The mind boggles… still, we can be sure they’d pay 50% of the bills. To do otherwise would be to accept benevolent sexism, after all.

6 thoughts on “Feminist dating app rewards well behaved men

  1. I didn’t see much in the way of what chivalrous criteria would be used. And I thought chivalry was dead. I guess these guy’s didn’t get the memo.
    I looked up the Bumble app on Android, it’s not highly rated, but no real info on the app or the Vibee feature either.

  2. But the piece starts by mourning the decline of chivalry, saying that this site will promote chivalrous males by ‘sorting out the wheat from the chaff’. Sounds more like it’s a site precisely for those women who do expect a man to pay for everything. How can this site be a feminist one AND promote chivalry, unless , GOD FORBID, feminism is nothing to do with equality but all about appropriating the produce of men’s labour.

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