11 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton: Among female Democratic primary voters, her support has plunged from 71% to 42% — or to where it’s about even with men.

  1. excellent example of the hypocrisy of feminism. When the rank and file female voter is faced with the prospect of a woman at the helm,suddenly feminism goes up the chimney !! just love it !
    speaks for itself !

  2. I do wonder if perhaps Hillary’s problem is that she must campaign, and as she campaigns she necessarily reveals more about herself. She would have done better to wait until the day of voting and to then flounce onto the ballot papers with a big sign reading ‘I am woman, give me a knee-jerk reaction vote.’

  3. Good news for all. Even my female American cousin who who told me months ago that she was voting for Hillary just because she’s a woman, has changed her mind. Let’s hope the trend continues.

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