Jeremy Corbyn, Labour party leader, invents a cabinet position for Gloria De Piero, twice a Lying Feminist of the Month award winner

A few hours ago the Spectator published a piece by Isabel Hardman, about Jeremy Corbyn’s shadow cabinet appointments. At that moment in time 16 women had been appointed, and 13 men. Did that stop feminists whining? Of course not. Jezza hasn’t given ‘enough’ of the senior ministerial positions to people with the ‘right’ genital equipment.

No news, yet, on whether a statistically representative number of new shadow cabinet ministers are from Lincolnshire, are one-legged, have speech impediments, suffer from rheumatism, or belong to the Barry Manilow Appreciation Society. Shocking, really, when you think about it.

Corbyn has created posts out of thin air, in order to give women whackadoodle ministerial positions and thereby create numerical ‘equality’. Gloria De Piero won two of our Lying Feminist of the Month awards, here and here. She now exults in the formerly non-existent job title of, ‘Shadow minister for young people and voter registration’, so she will be ‘shadowing’ nobody. Women everywhere will surely stand a little taller from now on.

7 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn, Labour party leader, invents a cabinet position for Gloria De Piero, twice a Lying Feminist of the Month award winner

  1. Well on the plus side, that title now means she has all sorts of responsibilities related to our movement and we can question her on such issues at length. Genital mutilation, ensuring young people have a relationship with their fathers, the gender education gap etc etc.

  2. I’ve missed something here. I thought shadow ministers were opposition spokesmen (and women – just to be inclusive) on the activities of departments headed by government ministers. Shadow minister for young people and voter registration suggests that there is actually a minster for young people and voter registration. However, I cannot find any reference to one. I didn’t realise that the leader of the opposition can create a spokesman (or woman – just to be inclusive) for a cabinet position that does not actually exist.

    What will the glorious liar be spokeswomaning on?

  3. What a joke! De Piero would have to be totally deluded to be anything other than embarrassed with such a pointless sinecure.
    No wait! What am I saying? She’s a feminist.

  4. Ah, quotas. Merit is to be discarded in favour of complementary wedding tackle. I must take some issue with the notion that there are likely to be any men in Corbyn’s cabinet – penises will doubtless have to be checked in at the door along with testicles, in return for a cloakroom ticket and a stern reminder about ‘jazz hands’ being used to signify assent.

  5. Wada ya mean, I quite like Barry Manilow?!
    Only joking.
    On a more serious note, if anyone has yet to see Corbyn’s polemic “Working with Women” the link to which is an another recent post, it’s a must read, in the worst sense.
    One can but hope it will be the electoral kiss of death.

  6. Just watching Newsnight. Rather un gallantly our presenter asked Ms. Eagle did she know about the story that her “deputy” role was created as a knee jerk to the media storm about too few women in top jobs. Apparently the panicked conversation was overheard as Jezza and his inner circle created a suitable title. seems very Gilbert and Sullivan rather than new politics.

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