Gormless Feminists of the Month – Laura Bates’s apologists, Fawcett Society, Eva Wiseman, Yvette Cooper MP, Jo Swinson MP, Jessica Valenti…

We launched a new award in May 2014, ‘Gormless Feminist of the Month’. Our inaugural award was presented to not one gormless woman, but to a whole coven of them at the Fawcett Society. More recent awards:

May 2014: ‘Clean Break’ theatre company

June 2014: Eva Wiseman Observer columnist

July 2014: Yvette Cooper MP Shadow Home Secretary

August 2014: Jessica Valenti Guardian ‘journalist’

September 2014: The ‘Mancheeze’ blogger

October 2014: Laura Bates’s apologists

November 2014: Jo Swinson MP Junior Equalities Minister

December 2014: Scarlet Harris Women’s Equality Policy Officer, TUC

January 2015: Stephanie Laughlin Public Relations student, McGill University, Montreal

February 2015: Natalie Collins Silly feminist

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