Why do you support J4MB?

A £100 donation this morning – our thanks to Graham S, a multiple donor over the past two years – has brought the sum total raised towards our £9,000 fundraiser to £3,065. With just nine days to go before the deadline of 6 April – the next day, we have to order A3 leaflets for every household in the constituencies we’re standing in – we urgently need to get the ball rolling again.

Sometimes we invite donors to write a piece explaining why they’ve donated large sums, for example numbCruncher, who’s donated £1,000 on two occasions, the last one being a few days ago.

My thanks to the Party Treasurer for a great suggestion. If you’d like a piece published on this website, explaining why you support J4MB – or indeed anything you want to write about – we’ll publish it (assuming the material is acceptable) in return for a donation of £1.00 per word. Please email your piece to mike@j4mb.org.uk, and let me know if you’d like the piece to go out under a pseudonym. Once the piece has been cleared, you can make your donation here. Thank you for your support.

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