[Note added 31.3.15: The text below is the same as that first published about a week ago, but we’re re-publishing it because we know we’re getting a lot of new visitors to the site, due to the daily increases in ‘hits’ we’re seeing. Kind supporters have already donated over £3,000, and we require a further £5,900 in the next six days – by the end of Easter Monday, at the latest – to ensure we can place an order for A3 leaflets. They fold down into A5, half A4, in profile. They will be delivered by the Royal Mail to every household in the seats we’re contesting, in the fortnight before polling day, 7 May. Please enable us to do this. Thank you.]

The General Election on 7 May will be the best chance we’ll all have in the next 5 years to get men’s and boys’ issues placed fairly and squarely onto the political agenda, and we need YOU, our loyal and solid supporters, to help us in this, the final part of our planned campaign.

Plans are in place for campaigning up to polling day, but there’s one further thing we’d like to do, to maximise our votes. We’ve just posted a three-minute-long video on our YouTube channel, in relation to our last major fundraiser before the general election.

We’re seeking £9,000 by 6 April to enable us to place an order for 140,000 election leaflets, which will be delivered by the Royal Mail in the fortnight before polling day to every single household in the 3 Nottingham constituencies where our candidates are already engaged in the fight for justice for men and boys. 230,000 voters live in those households.

As many of you know, our grand design is to attack marginal seats to force the main parties to respond to our calls for justice for men and boys. We shall be contesting Gloria De Piero’s paper-thin 192 majority in Ashfield, attacking Anna Soubry’s slim 389 majority in Broxtowe, and hoping to have Mark Spencer’s paltry 214 majority in Sherwood for breakfast the morning after the election.

All we need is 400 votes to count the election a success, but we are massively confident of a lot more, judging from the wonderfully positive response we have had to our powerful, emotive leaflet – A3 size – with a poster on one side showing a grieving father and son separating for the final time. It’s being put up in the windows of the homes of people who support our cause, and causing people to engage with the issues.

The past two years have been staggeringly successful, and we recently achieved a massive breakthrough into the mainstream media. I have appeared on over 100 television and radio programmes including ITV’s This Morning, BBC’s The Big Questions, World Service, The Jeremy Vine Show, Woman’s Hour, and have had some wonderful high profile opportunities to challenge the very roots of radical feminism, and expose it for the man-hating ideology we all know it is.

Our 80 page manifesto has had over 107,000 individual downloads, and 60 of my articles have been published by our steadfast cousins at A Voice for Men, who continue to be wonderfully supportive of our work here in the UK. The biggest recent breakthrough has been to secure a fortnightly column in International Business Times, the massively influential online news service with an equally massive following. My first article, about positive discrimination for women in corporate boardrooms, has already been published. The next article will be on male suicide.

The J4MB bandwagon is rolling, and I appeal to all of you to donate as generously as you can towards the final push this year, whilst we have the chance to make a difference in 2015. The link is here. All we need is for 90 people to give us £100 and we’ll be home and dry, more than that and we’ll get there faster, but please give whatever you can afford to give us that power in our elbow to make this happen.

The battle for men’s and boys’ human rights is now well and truly underway. Whatever you can afford will be a step towards victory in the battle for the human rights of men and boys (and the women who love them). We believe it is a just battle, and we hope you will provide us with the wherewithal to maximise our votes in 2015.

Thank you so much for your past donations. My sincerest thanks in advance for your continued support at this crucial time for our cause. We’ll be posting the sum total of donations received on the J4MB website every two days.

Yours sincerely,

Mike Buchanan

Party Leader

Justice for Men and Boys
(and the women who love them)

P.S. You can donate using PayPal, credit card, or debit card, or – if you are a UK resident – you can make donations directly into the J4MB bank account, which will avoid us having to pay PayPal commissions. Please put your name in the ‘Reference’ box if you do this, and email me mike@j4mb.org.uk to tell me you’ve made a donation. The account details are as follows:

Account: Justice for men & boys

Account number: 54880968

Sort code: 309054


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