Antonia Hoyle: ‘Are you a man who’s been sexually harassed by female bosses at work?’

Antonia Hoyle, a noted journalist, has emailed me the following. Please email her directly if you can help her with her piece.

I’ve been asked by my editor at a national newspaper to write a piece about men who have been sexually harassed by female bosses at work. I’m looking for men who have been in this situation and are prepared to speak out about it to interview (they would need to be named, and ideally prepared to have their picture taken). If this applies to you and you would like more information please do get in touch – I can pay a fee to interviewees on publication of the piece and read back all quotes. Anyone who would like more information is welcome to email me –

One thought on “Antonia Hoyle: ‘Are you a man who’s been sexually harassed by female bosses at work?’

  1. The ‘meeja’ are not usually impartial when reporting on men’s issues. I wonder what the intentions of the editor and authoress are and what the tone of the piece will be. I’d like to believe the metropolitan chatterati are at last coming to see and accept that women can be unpleasant too and men are their victims at least as often as not. However, I cannot help but suspect that this is simply another exercise in denigration and denial, of the ‘yes there are a few instances of female on male sexual harassment but the problem is far far worse for women and men really should be able to deal with it without crying, besides, they enjoy it’ sort.

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