Harriet Harman’s response to Sarah Vine’s article about men needing to prove women consented to sex

Our thanks to Alan for spotting this on Hattie Harpy’s website. She’s a big fan of what Alison Saunders is doing, introducing the assumption of guilt for men prepared to take on the huge legal risk of having sex with women, including their wives. What are the chances she’d be in support of what Alison Saunders is doing? And how exactly does her husband, the unremittingly glum Jack Dromey MP, prove he’s obtained enthusiastic consent from Hattie before they have… er… conjugal relations? The mind boggles. To be fair to the poor man, of course he’s unremittingly glum. He’s been married to HH for 33 years, and surely deserves a medal for sparing the rest of mankind from such a tragic fate.

This seems as good a time as any to publish again a famous piece from the Daily Mash, ‘Harman’s husband urged to s*** her’. This link will take you to six or seven Daily Mash pieces including the following:

Women still face discrimination, says jumped-up cow

Labour MPs to rally behind unbearable, screeching hag

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  • The longer I watch the feminist show,the more I am beginning to believe that women are not fit to govern..

  • rahsoft2015

    seems like Harriet Harman is afraid of being eclipsed by Sarah Vine or Alison Saunders on the issue.
    why anyone wants to give her credibility after fawcettgate god knows.

    could we start a fundraiser for Jack Dromey to get him treatment for PTSD ?