Harriet Harman, David Cameron, and some pieces in ‘The Daily Mash’

[Note added 23.2.14: We’re giving some thought to re-designing the website so as to make it easier for visitors to track down pieces of interest. A donor/supporter asked if there’s a way to speedily track down posts on a specific topic. There isn’t, other than the ‘Search’ facility, which isn’t infallible. After an exchange of emails – we always go the ‘extra mile’ for donors, you understand – we believed she was thinking of the Daily Mash piece, ‘Women Still Face Discrimination, Says Jumped-Up Cow’, and after we sent her a link to a blog piece we first published in August 2013 – content below – she confirmed it was. It’s the first link in the piece, but all the links are worth checking out. Enjoy.]

At the end of another long day fighting feminism, I find some light relief is sometimes called for. So I checked into The Daily Mash and using the site’s ‘Search’ function I tracked down some good pieces. Keying in ‘Harriet Harman’ alone led me to many, including a selection which starts with a couple of pieces from 2008. The damage which that harridan (along with other feminist MPs, and their male collaborators) inflicted on this country during the Labour administrations of 1997-2010 is almost incalculable.

David Cameron pursues Harman’s militant feminist agendas with more enthusiasm than Tony Blair or Gordon Brown ever did, to his eternal shame. By way of example, we know he’s personally involved in the government’s drive to increase female representation on major corporate boards:


Cameron’s doing this despite knowing the initiative will damage the financial viability of the business sector. I digress. Back to the light relief:

Women Still Face Discrimination, Says Jumped-Up Cow


Labour MPs To Rally Behind Unbearable, Screeching Hag


Banks To Close For One Week A Month, Says Harman


Boardrooms should be 14% Brazilian tranny


We let in too many twats, says Bryant


International Women’s Day offers new chances for sex


Harman’s Husband Urged To S*** Her


Finally, a piece about Harman’s all-time most enthusiastic male collaborator:

Cameron annoys all humans


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