Pregnant women to be paid £400 to stop them poisoning their unborn children

A day or two ago Stephen Nolan hosted an interesting discussion on his show on BBC Radio Ulster about the proposal that taxpayers fund vouchers to the tune of £400 to discourage  pregnant women from smoking, in a effort to stop them poisoning their unborn children. Doubtless, in time, we’ll see another scheme paying pregnant women a similar sum to discourage them from harming their unborn children by drinking alcohol during pregnancy. Foetal Alcohol Syndrome is the #1 cause of avoidable mental debilitation in the Western world, and it’s a subject we cover in our election manifesto.

Gill is a longstanding supporter of J4MB – and a valued donor – and just sent us a link to an article on the £400 bribe. From the article:

Around 5,000 babies die in the womb or shortly after birth from mothers smoking during pregnancy each year in the UK.

One in four pregnant women smokes, despite warnings about the effects on the baby, and widely available NHS quit services.

Gill ended her email with this:

More and more, as the years go by, I am ashamed of my gender. When I read stories like this, I get so angry I could SCREAM.

5 thoughts on “Pregnant women to be paid £400 to stop them poisoning their unborn children

  1. I find it odd that we have to “bribe” a woman to not commit what in other circumstances to be crime?!

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper and more effective to state simply?
    You smoke during pregnancy; your child will be removed from you at birth as you are an unfit parent, assuming we don’t take you into care so that you have no access to tobacco (and btw we will bill you for being detained at her majesty’s pleasure)
    Should the child be harmed or dies, you will spend time in prison for either premeditated murder or child abuse. I couldn’t care less about the diatribe about how women are so fragile that they should not be in prison. If you don’t want to be in prison, don’t commit the crime.

    If you feel you can’t give up smoking for pregnancy then i suggest then that you are a drug addict and therefore an unfit parent.

  2. Not only do women kill babies by smoking and drinking during pregnancies,but also mothers actually kill more children than fathers. Of all the children killed by a parent, 71% are killed by their mothers !!!
    So is the taxpayer now supposed to keep bribing women not to abuse children? What type of a country do we live in? It has come to the point of complete Absurdistan..Are our women worthy to be treated like ladies anymore? I do not think so.

  3. 5000 deaths a year due to this and less than 100 from dv.

    Next time a feminists comes out with their 2 women a week lie Mike should mention the 96 babies killed each week directly as a result of the mother smoking. That’s more dead babies from smoking in a week than women killed by dv in the whole year!

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